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Mobile Wallet

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Mobile Wallet 

Your smart phone can help you access email and take high quality images, but it can also allow you to make debit and credit card transactions without ever using your physical card. Exchange Bank knows this technology is becoming more popular around the globe. It’s only a matter of time before this payment method is as common as using your physical debit card; however, it offers additional benefits! Add your Exchange Bank Debit card today with Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay and start enjoying these benefits!
  • Added Security – A unique token is created for each transaction, meaning your card number is never shared with a merchant reducing the risk of debit card fraud.
  • Added Convenience – Most people carry their smart phone with them all the time. Reduce the physical items you carry by using your mobile wallet. Simply, tap your smart phone at the checkout terminal and go!
  • Added Organization -Use your mobile wallet to store your debit cards, membership & loyalty cards all in one place.
  • Added Rewards – Some merchants offer additional rewards to customers when you use your mobile wallet to make a payment.
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More on Mobile Wallet

A Mobile Wallet is a digital version of your physical wallet. It's a secure and convenient way for Exchange Bank cardholders to enable a non-cash payments by using mobile devices compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. 
No.  Merchants will receive a unique token for that specific transaction, making mobile wallet transactions more secure than using a physical debit card.
While the image on the card will be the same as your physical card, your name and card number will not appear on your mobile wallet version of your debit card. 
Exchange Bank does not charge a fee for mobile wallet users. 
If your debit card expires, you will need to go into your mobile wallet app, delete the expired card and add your new card.
It is up to the merchants discretion to require you to enter a PIN. Your pin will be the same as your physical debit card. 
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